[LarrysList] ABC * Activity - in spite of the rain

Laurance Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Sat Sep 8 14:31:55 CDT 2018

We are truly hard-core hams...there were six of us at Keystone Park today. We saw W0AO, AB0O, K0LBR, KE0NBN, K0DGB, and K0VY!!!

Steve, K0LBR, unpacked/unfolded his new AS-2259 NVIS military surplus antenna and we discussed various modifications for operating on ham bands. It was very well made with quality materials so it should be an excellent portable and fixed base performer once modified. Looking forward to seeing it back out at the park and on the air!

Bob, W0AO, used his crappie pole 20m vertical to snag several European countries during the "Worked All Europe" contest that was going on this morning. Signals were very good, and the band seemed open wall-to-wall on his EleCraft KX3 at 15 watts.

John, AB0O, set up his newly-built 100% homebrew (all materials purchased at Lowe's) 40m mag-loop antenna. It has a 25ft circumference main loop and a 5ft circumference coupling loop, with a scratch-built 300pF tuning capacitor made from cardboard and tin foil. It tuned to 7.220 and he worked a POTA station in Ohio that reported a good signal in spite of poor band conditions...but John was only running 5 watts on his 817. Very happy with that! As the increasing rain soaked the carboard capacitor, loop tuning was "lost in space", so the capacitor was retired to the waste bin. At Beryl Breakfast, Chet, K0TCB, generously offered a very nice Johnson 300pF varicap that will be installed later today. Thanks Chet!

Dennis, K0DGB, and Sean, KE0NBN were on hand to help set up and take down and observe. 
We had a new special guest in attendance...Sylvia, K0VY, who read about us on LL and came out to see the rigs, antennas, and operating results. I think we may have a new ABC "convert" for future Saturdays, since she lives not far from Keystone. 

As the rain came, so did a birthday party group arrive on site to occupy the ramada, so we adjourned for this week. 

Another good one!


John Ford, AB0O
jsf106 at gmail.com

*ABC = After Breakfast Club 

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