[LarrysList] A Fusion, Wires-x Challenge

Larry Staples w0aibw0eao at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 14:06:20 CDT 2018

Below the initial call for assistance from KE0SRL is a response from Bob Kimbrell, W0AO. 


Hi Larry,

I have a question maybe you can help me with. 

I have an Icom IC-7300 for the HF bands and a Yaesu FT-991A for 2 Meter and 70 CM. I thought about checking out the Fusion Wires-X system and found a repeater that has it. It is the Raytown repeater. Little did I know that when I started checking out the rooms I was dragging everybody with me on that repeater, and even less did I know that that repeater was linked to a number of other repeaters here in town, so I was dragging lots of people with me to the Japan room, the Texas Room, the America Link and a couple of others! So, I did some reading on your site about the Wires-X and found out that the Kansas City room that is linked on all those repeaters prefers to stay on the Kansas City room.

My question is: is there a repeater close to Independence/Kansas City that has Fusion Wires-X that does not mind if someone changes the room? 

Otherwise this feature is useless in this town!

I looked into buying the 2X Wires-X box so I could set up my own repeater here and access it that way, but for just that unit, they are $2250 not counting the radio, antenna and computer.

Jeff Hendricks, KE0SRL
fins2lefthumv at att.net


Regarding Jeff KE0SRL's questions about Wires-X:

I am a Fusion / Wires-X user in the Kansas City area and here is my understanding:  A Wires-X repeater can only be in one room at a time so you are not dragging all the repeaters over to another room when you control one of them.  When you first connect to one of the Johnson County Wires-X repeaters you will probably find it in the Kansas City room.  I believe you can control it to another room such as America Link as long as there is no other scheduled activity that would require that repeater to be in the Kansas City room.  It would be polite to ask just before you control it.  Once you have controlled the repeater to another room you should participate in the room the repeater is now in.  If you don't find anybody there you want to talk to then either control it back to Kansas City or let it revert there which it will do after 10 minutes.  The impolite thing to do would be to just keep controlling the repeater to a room just to monitor it and not participate.  The Raytown Fusion repeater is not part of the Johnson County Fusion repeaters and it is usually on the MO-KAN room when it has not been controlled over to another room.  Many times I find that it is in another room such as America Link.  If you find it there then you can participate in America Link.  If you want to go to another room then you should probably ask if anybody in Kansas City or Raytown is using it for a sked on America Link.  If you don't get a reply then I think you are good to go to control it to another room if you want to.  Then participate as I have said above.  If you want to have something that you can completely control yourself then you could get an HRI-200 ($150 or less) and an FTM-400XDR ($550 or less) and a computer.  Then you could have your own personal Wires-X system.  I'm not sure where you got your $2,250 number.  If anyone reading this wants to correct anything I have said then please chime in.

73 DE 

Bob Kimbrell, W0AO
w0ao.bob at gmail.com


Thanks, Bob.  Larry, W0AIB

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