[LarrysList] B4B 2018

Larry Staples w0aibw0eao at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 12:14:21 CDT 2018

Good Morning,

Thank you for participating to support the Bike 4 Brain event this year!

Although the weather started nice and then progressively got warmer than expected, you did an awesome job! Once again I'm proud to serve with the ham community for public service.

Everyone stepped up and faced each challenge with extreme professionalism. I've received nothing less than praise from everyone involved. As a matter of fact I received a personal call yesterday from Ken (B4B Chair) stating that he was EXTREMELY pleased with the way we handled each and every situation with the level heads (don't think so HI HI) and professionalism that you demonstrated. He was also pleased with the way we were able to adjust on the fly without any hiccups on our end.

We did have 1 medical that did require a ride to the hospital. I have received word that the person is now at home and recovering well. Again Ken sends his thanks.

Also, A special Thank You to Richard W0KRF for the use of the 146.82 machine. Sorry we had to switch.

A second special Thank You to John NW0I and the ECS Officers, Team Leaders and the Board for allowing us to switch to the ECS machine in a pinch as we were having some issues with some folks in the field making the trip to the 82 machine.

A third special Thank You to the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Service division for the use of the SATERN Communication Vehicle to have at Net Control.

A fourth and final special Thank You to Herb NZ0F and Ray K0RSE for creating the maps for the event and the maps for Net Control. This is true teamwork and I know I could not have done it without you. Thank You Both!

Thank YOU for you extra efforts as they did not go un-noticed.     

I look forward to having you again next year and I'll see you on the next event.

Steve Lester, KDØEKS
Direct Phone: (913) 390-3570
Direct Email: stevekd0eks at gmail.com

"Remember, we do it because it's fun!" Dick Carter, NØTO (sk)

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