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Electronic Communications for Professionals - ISBN 978-1-5323-8132-4

First Edition now Available in both eBook and Print Formats!

Dear Colleague,

The First Edition of “Electronic Communications for Professionals” is now available. Electronic Communications for Professionals is designed to fill a gap in education materials for working professionals (technicians, engineering technologists, practitioners, and others) who work in the field of electronic communications. 

The text covers real-world circuits and systems in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. New concepts are introduced to readers by connecting to everyday experience; frequent checkpoints and examples cement understanding. This is one textbook that your students will actually read! The following are outstanding features of this textbook: 

* The level of mathematics has been moderated so that only basic algebra skills are needed to work most of the problems in the text. (The only place where a bare minimum of trigonometry is required is Chapter 18, Fiber Optic and Laser Technology.) This has been accomplished with no sacrifice in depth. 

* Troubleshooting and test procedures are emphasized throughout using consistent and proven approaches. 

* Each concept is first explained in plain language, and is then carefully developed step-by-step. 

* Simulator applications are available for download that reinforce concepts behind modulation, serial communication, and other topics. 

The book includes a very wide variety of topical coverage, including traditional signal analysis, AM and FM modulation, transmission lines and antennas, wave propagation and link budgets, frequency synthesis techniques (PLL, DDS, hybrid synthesizers), microwave systems, and fiber optics. The book also includes the latest information on networking, the global positioning system, and incorporates a new chapter dedicated to commercial radio communication systems with emphasis on repeaters, system performance verification, and the APCO P25 standard. Extensive appendices review electronic fundamentals (including decibels and solid state concepts), and provide an overview of amateur radio.

This is a full-color book packed with illustrations, and it's available in both eBook and softbound formats.

For instructors, a package containing solutions to problems, laboratory experiments, Power Point presentations for classroom use, and simulation software is also available. 

It’s easy to adopt this textbook - - you can learn more about it (and view samples of each chapter) by visiting <http://n0gsg.com/ecfp>.

Best Regards,

Dr. Tom Wheeler, N0GSG
tom.n0gsg at gmail.com

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