[LarrysList] Newly placed analog repeater in Polk county Missouri

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Mon Jul 23 14:48:51 CDT 2018


I was hoping you may be able to send this out to the Larry’s List followers. It’s concerning a newly placed repeater in Polk County Missouri. 

The repeater will be linked into the Southwest Missouri Regionql SkyWarn Repeater Network within the near future. Information is as follows. 

After speaking with Mike N0NQW the trustee of the N0NWS Network. I will be hosting a test net on the 147.180 (+) PL 136.5 N0NWS repeater located in town of Polk (just north of Halfway). This net will be hosted on Wednesday July 25 at 19:30 (7:30PM). The purpose of the net will be to test out the repeater coverage. The information I’ll be looking for during the net is your location, power level, whether you are using a portable (HT) or mobile/base, and if you’re using an outdoor antenna (and it’s height). Once collected this info will be sent to Mike in addition to the N0NWS.com webmaster. 

At this time the repeater is putting out 25 watts. But once it is linked and everything is in a permanent set up the power will be boosted to 50 watts. Also note that the way the antennas are set up is to optimize coverage to the north, east, and west of the repeater. 

You’re assistance would be greatly appreciated so we can get a good idea of what coverage will be like. 

Once again this net is on Wednesday July 25 at 19:30 (7:30PM)

Repeater info again is as follows: 147.180 (+) PL 136.5. The tone can be used on both transmit and receive. 


Brad Stowe
Ham Operator - General Class; Call: KA0KDW
Net Manager; SkyWarn Youth Net: (N0NWS.COM/YOUTH)
E- mail: KA0KDW at GMAIL.COM

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