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Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Wed Jul 18 16:56:22 CDT 2018

Hello everyone, As many are aware the ARES committee for the ARRL has recommended that training requirements be changed and adopted. Most of the training is already in place and can be done from your computer at home without taking time from your job. 

Part of the training that is not currently in place is the ICS 300 and 400 courses to hold a leadership position in ARES. These courses require you to he in a classroom for a total of 5 days (3 for 300 2 for 400) 

Several Section Managers, section Emergency coordinators and Myself are against adding this requirement due to the cost and the fact that ARES personnel in an emergency commission situation will not be in charge of the disaster. This goes beyond the scope of our MOU's of PROVIDING COMMUNICATIONS.

We have all voiced our concerns to Midwest Director Rod Blocksome and other directors through our the different divisions. 

Director Blocksome was unaware that there was a cost as far as the course and in taking off work to get the classes even when they are available. 

The directors will vote on this issue this week and the outcome is uncertain as to whether it will go thru as is, go thru with changes as to what the requirements will be or to just leave it as is. I don't believe it will be left as is. 

I will update everyone as information becomes available this week.


Cecil Higgins, AC0HA
higgins.cecil at gmail.com

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