[LarrysList] A Few Words from WAARCI President Cary Altman, KBØHV

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Wed Jul 18 10:45:12 CDT 2018

A Few Words from WAARCI President Cary Altman, KBØHV

The forum I am presenting at Hamfest this Saturday outlines what we have come to know about our Sun, and explains how the various activity cycles relate to radio propagation and weather events on Earth.  I will be discussing in detail the 400 and 100 year cycles, which predict the reoccurrence of an extended minimum before we eventually head into cycle 25, a downturn in solar activity that will likely cause a dramatic cooling of our earth.  I will be presenting current data that predicts a mini-ice age identical to one that occurred during the Maunder Minimum in the 1600's, data recorded from events occurring right here, right now, a prediction foreshadowing the very real possibility that such an event could be beginning again. My prediction, based on the evidence I will be presenting in my forum, is that we will see a similar mini-ice age event in our lifetimes.  

Many consider these theories to be controversial because they seem to contradict the "established" scientific theories of global warming.  While I won’t deny that science, I will present some 500 years of accumulated data that not only supports global warming, but also provides a new warning for our immediate future.  Due to the controversial nature of this presentation, the WAARCI members have asked me to issue the following disclaimer to maintain the integrity of our organization and the sanctity of our purpose:

“All forums presented at the WAARCI Hamfest are done so on a strictly volunteer basis by the forum participants. Their topics are chosen at their own personal discretion, and are meant to be informative in nature. Any opinions expressed during the course of a forum do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the club members or its board, whether those presenting the forum are affiliated with WAARCI or not. While certain topics may be controversial in nature, they bear no involvement in any actions or decisions made by the club.”


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