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Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Tue Jul 17 19:15:53 CDT 2018

(Note:  It is hard to cleanly format such a list as this.  Hope is is not too bad more many of the subscribers,  Larry, W0AIB)

Items To Sell						Asking Price		Condition
23” Flat Screen Monitor					$15.00			Excellent

JVC Super VHS ET Player					$15.00			Very Good

Behringer Ultra patch Panel PX 2000			$50.00			Excellent

Diamond SWR & Power Meter SX-200			$25.00			Excellent

Sony Turntable 						$20.00			Excellent
(Converts analog to Digital. I do not have the software)					

MFJ Speech Intelligibility Enhancer MFJ-616  		$50.00			Excellent

Bunker Hill Color Security System with night vision, 	$25.00			Excellent
			2 camera system. $25.00	Excellent

MFJ -295 Mic						$15.00			Excellent

Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro 12 channel mic/line mixer $75.00		Excellent

Kenwood TR-7950 Mic					$15.00			Very Good

Yaesu MH-34B4B single pin mic				$20.00			Excellent

Kenwood F Dual Bander TH-78A Handheld with MFJ-1714 ant  (I don’t have the manual or charger)								$30.00			Good

Yaesu FT 11R handheld (No manual or charger) 		$20.00			Not sure

Diamond Coaxiel Switch  CX 310				$20.00			Excellent

Samsung laptop computer with 15 inch monitor, power supply, case $400.00	Very Good

Aston Model RS-10A power supply	 			$15.00			Excellent

Noo Elec R820T25Dr&DVB-t Mesdr Mini 2 + 259 to mini ant adapter	$25.00		Excellent

Chameleon Antenna with storage tube			$30.00			Excellent

WHF-10 hamstick with storage tube			$15.00			Excellent

WHF-20 hamstick with storage tube			$15.00			Excellent

WHF-15 hamstick with storage tube			$15.00			Excellent

WHF-40 hamstick with storage tube			$15.00			Excellent

Buddistick deluxe package with book: Buddipole in the field $125.00		Excellent

Apex AX-75 2 meter 70 centimeter antenna 		$15.00			Excellent

Home made MFJ 53' fiberglass antenna.  Needs guy wires and ground plane											$35.00			Excellent

Predator FPV Drone					$25.00			Excellent

ARRL-Basic Antennas by Joel Hallas W1ZR 		$5.00			Excellent

ARRL Simple & Fun Antennas				$5.00			Excellent

ARRL-Satellite Handbook					$5.00			Excellent

ARRL-The ABC’s of Softward Defined Radio by Martin Ewig  $5.00			Excellent

ARRL-Short Antennas for 160 meters by Grant Bigeman KM5G $5.00			Excellent

ARRL-DXCC Handbook by Jim Kearman KR1S			$5.00	 		Excellent

GPS for Amature Radio by Walter Field W4WCF 		$5.00	 		Excellent

ARRL- General Class Licennse Manual sixth edition 	$2.00			Excellent

ARRL-Extra Class ninth edition				$2.00			Excellent

2010 ARRL Handbook					$5.00			Excellent

Low-Band Dxing by John Devoldec ON4UN			$5.00			Excellent
					Total		$835.00	
Gary Babb, KD0DX   <gbabb1951 at gmail.com>			
10307 N Tracy Ave, KCMO 64155

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