[LarrysList] Water in the Dust Bowl - (the flood of 1951)

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"On July 11th water from the Kansas River began to overflow into Manhattan and city officials had to leave their offices in the downtown area to establish temporary headquarters at Kansas State College...."

The entire QST article is in the November, 1951, ARRL archives, but if you are not a member of the ARRL, I've put a copy at:


Non-HAM articles about the flood of '51 can be found at: 




The USGS once had two webpages about the flood: 

< http://ks.water.usgs.gov/pubs/presentations/flood.1951.html> 

< http://ks.water.usgs.gov/pubs/fact-sheets/fs.041-01.html> 

	but I cannot find them now; maybe someone else can locate them?

Maybe the first is now at 


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