[LarrysList] Deviation Problem Solved

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Tue Jul 10 16:32:48 CDT 2018

When the Jackson Co. ARES moved its primary repeater to 146.82, I discovered that I could not transmit to the repeater.  Eventually, I went downtown to see if I could transmit to the repeater.  With the manual in hand, I began trying any possibility. I finally reached success by narrowing the deviation transmitted.  This changed the bandwidth from Wide (default) to Narrow. Essentially, changing it from 25KHz to 12.5kHz.  My FT-2800m calls this setting W/N DV (reducing the MIC Gain).   
Upon researching the topic further, Most newer radios and repeater have been switching to narrower bandwidth. There are several articles available online, but if you are having issues yourself, you might want to read  <www.qsl.net/g8osn/main/pages/repeater.htm> about deviation and tones issues with respect to repeaters.  Eham has a few forums as well.  
I hope this helps anyone else with reaching repeaters issues.
John Lyon,  N0TXO
jplyon3 at gmail.com

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