[LarrysList] Home made Antenna

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Wed Jul 4 19:26:23 CDT 2018

This antenna is fashioned after the portable antenna built by Bob Kimbrel, W0AO. I built this 20 Meter antenna.  Basically a Crappie pole wire holder and some radial wires.  When using it in the wind, the plastic fence post bent considerably so I modified mine with a PVC pipe and a way to guy wire it down.  It’s basically a portable antenna but I’m going to use it a few days in my back yard.
Because of the effect of the wind on my antenna, I thought I’d do some modifications.  I also thought I’d set it up in my back yard for testing and leave it a couple of days (and nights) and didn’t want it blown down.  Here are some pictures of my work.  I realize that this makes it about twice as heavy and unhandy for trekking via backpack into the woods but I don’t intend to do that anyway.
I put a PVC pipe around the plastic post for stiffness and support.  The Crappie pole antenna pole is supported in three saddles and attached with Velcro.


Dennis Bruna, K0DGB
dbruna48 at gmail.com


Dennis sent sever pictures, which cannot be sent over Larry’s List.  Contact Dennis directly, if you want pictures.

Larry, W0AIB

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