[LarrysList] After Breakfast Club Activity - (ABC)

Laurance Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Mon Aug 20 17:21:14 CDT 2018

Thanks for the comments.
Jerry Smith Park is actually on a raised knoll compared to the surrounding area, as best I can see, so launching a signal usually works well. 

I've tried many different configurations of random and long wires, L's, and ladder line fed antennas over the years. I really like my BuddiPole, because it is small, portable, resonant, balanced, rotatable, and efficient. Other than 20 feet of RG-8X coax and two connectors, most of my 5 watts gets to the dipole feedpoint at low SWR with no tuner.

At this week's Raytown ARC meeting on Thursday night, we will be talking about the "ABC" activity, radios, antennas, batteries, etc,. I will have my portable station with me and others may have their equipment with them as well.
Most people believe that they need a formally fabricated/assembled deluxe 100-watt "go-kit" to operate in the field, but that isn't necessary. Most of us have a shoulder bag or old briefcase full of QRP equipment that takes 5 minutes to connect up on a picnic table. As for antennas...well, put up whatever you have or make something on the spot. 

We'll talk about all that on Thursday night!


John Ford, AB0O
jsf106 at gmail.com

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