[LarrysList] Congratulations Claude, NØFMO

Laurance Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Fri Aug 17 08:05:06 CDT 2018

Claude NØFMO is celebrating his 30th year Refereeing High School Soccer!

That’s a lot of Games..estimates are about 2000 Games during that span. Scheduling is a lot lighter these days and He says,   “I try to "elmer" some of the younger "green horn" Refs that are trying to master the craft."

Refereeing a High School Soccer game can be a little nerve racking sometimes. So you can appreciate anyone that “tries on" the uniform. I tell people its easy to be a critic, but until you've actually done it..dont pass judgement on others who try.

Its the same with Ham Radio...”I try to elmer younger Hams when ever I get the chance.”  Its the right thing to do. I can remember 1977 asking Ham after Ham in my neighborhood... how do I get started being a Ham? And no one would lift a finger to help me. I found out later they all knew how to help me. but didn't want to bother. Once licensed, pay back was my tri-band beam w/an amp I erected & 10 Meters was the place to be. I doubt they could hear anything down the street for the interference/intermod CW I was blasting ..... Funny They all moved away shortly there after.

Claude Chafin, N0FMO
n0fmo at sbcglobal.net

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