[LarrysList] Edwin Armstrong's Battle for FM Radio

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Sat Aug 4 16:26:01 CDT 2018

Some of you radio historians may find this article of interest:




I certainly did!


Larry, W0AIB

P. S. The article says that the 88 MHz to 108 MHz FM band was established in 1945, In 1947 I convinced my parents to buy me for Christmas a FM tuner, Pilotuner T-601 <http://www.pilotuner.com>.  I later built an Eico HF-61 mono preamplifier kit.  The T-601 went into the Eico HF-61 and then the signal entered a modified Williamson amplifier (I scratch built - 807s in the final) and that fed a “Jensen Model D Imperial Reproducer” speaker system with an 18” woofer (had about 300 volts DC on the field coil, power supply had an 80 rectifier) and small horn tweeter.  (I later sold the speaker system for $2000; later finding out that I could have gotten $6000.)

Gosh, it was superlative!  Pardon the nostalgia.

Many of you newer hams will one day be able to tell stories of all the exciting thing you did 65 years ago!  Right, Chester?

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