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Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Mon Oct 23 08:10:53 CDT 2017

Hi Larry, personally I think we, the hams, need to try to cultivate new blood, but, it's hard.

One of those links you sent said, QUIT hocking Encomm, and I agree. Most people that get into HR just to "save the world" are in it for just that, saving the world, NOT exploring HR.

Quit giving weekend license classes, if they don't have enough interest to attend 4 or 5+ evening sessions, they aren't interested.

I don't have a answer, I don't think there is one, lots of thing have come and gone, let it play out, making licensing easier hasn't worked, I feel dumber just thinking about it.

Now here are some statistics I compiled in 2013, I want to say that being an ARRL member does NOT constitute being ACTIVE. However, if you take the time to read and digest the information below, it is somewhat eye opening

Maybe a brief explanation, take the Extra, first line
65K are ARRL members,  
there are 131k Extra's in the USA,
Extra's comprise 44% of the total ARRL membership
Extra's  comprise only 18.5% of the total US ham population
and 50% of all US Extras are ARRL members


ARRL members by Class
U.S. ham pop by Class 
how the classes makes up total ARRL membership
class as  %  
Total U.S. ham
population 	of their class, 
% that are ARRL members

Extra		65034	131237	44.2%	18.5%	50%	 one half of all extras join
Advanced	13560	55973	9.2%	7.9%	24%	 76% of These guys must be asleep 
general		41630	163963	28.3%	23.1%	25%	 75% of These guys must be asleep 
Tech		26321	346169	17.9%	48.7%	8%	  92% Non Joiners
novice		535	13624	0.4%	1.9%	4%	  a dead horse

Total ARRL U.S. membership 147080	
Total U.S. hams 710966	
% of U.S. hams that are ARRL members  21%	
total arrl membership is 160728,  of which 8.5% are DX or associate members	

finding to my surprise, 18% of the ARRL membership is Technicians!  
however, that’s only 8% of the total number of Technicians in the U.S. . 
Looking the other way 92% are NOT ARRL members	

the sad part is … 75% of the advance and general class don't join either ..

BUT look at those EXTRA's,  50% are ARRL Members,  
That’s almost incredible! , 50%,  
guess who the real hams are
inactive ???


This info was compiled March 2013 from AHØA.org and the ARRL membership dept.  
Both for the month of Feb 2013	


John Wilson

jcwilson at ida.net


Comments from W0AIB:

Thanks to John for all his effort; fascinating information.  I had to do some reorganizing to get all the material he sent to fit my rule of plain text.  Hopefully, it can be followed.

I think these statistics show that QST magazine appeals to the more technical of us, the Extras.  Or in reverse, QST does not appeal so much to the non-technically inclined.  This kind of confirms the opinion of many that many just subscribe to QST and do not consider that they are ARRL members.

It would seem, therefore, that ARRL needs another publication designed to attract the less technical - perhaps named, “QST Lite.”  (Humor)

Perhaps ARRL needs to have a more attractive pricing plan.  If they price “QST Lite" at the same as “QST Heavy,” it might be counter-productive.  How about a discount for new hams for two years, then, maybe, a lesser discount for the next five years, and, maybe, a discount for those over 65 and over 30 years membership.  Will there be enough “Lites” to overcome the lesser income from the “Heavy?”  (I belong to an engineering society which gives those over 65/30 the magazine for free.)

>From above:

Total ARRL U.S. membership 147080	
Total U.S. hams 710966	
% of U.S. hams that are ARRL members  21%	
total ARRL membership is 160728,  of which 8.5% are DX or associate members

“Total US hams 710966”  Since there is a ten year cycle, we have no idea how many hams have passed away, or how many have resigned or become inactive.  If you assume that half are gone, then the percentage of ARRL members is much more attractive.

Recently I have made statements critical of ARRL.  Please consider:


Again, thanks, many thanks to John sending us the message!


Larry Staples, W0AIB
larrystaples at mac.com

P. S. An observation: It is more likely that a gregarious Technician will take over Larry’s List after I croak, than a subscriber to QST Heavy.


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