[LarrysList] Help for Events

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Mon Jun 13 11:51:52 CDT 2016

Hi Larry and Group,

I remember as a new operator I would respond to emails requesting help with events... and no reply!  I thought well they do not need help.  Then I would hear later they were short of help.  So, then I began to send emails about one a week. If I did not get a response, usually the second or third email would get a response.  

Later what I really learned is:  When you are a coordinator of one of these events you get sooooooo many emails that it is hard to keep up.  You desperately need help, but answering, coordinating, assigning, changing, updating, etc. becomes overwhelming!  WOW, I give the people who take on these events a lot of credit!  They spend hours and hours organizing these events and they hear about every little detail that did not go right - Did I mention they are volunteers also!

I make it a point to say THANK YOU to every event coordinator that I ever meet or work with - How about You?


Jay Greenough, WJ0X
jayrg58 at gmail.com


Thanks, Jay, for the message.  Please, wonderful volunteers, be a bit patient with the coordinators.  

Larry, W0AIB


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