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Here are some gmail spam instructions sent from Herb, NZ0F, last October.

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On Sep 9th Herb Fiddick, NZ0F, posted the message below on how to get your computer to quit sending Larry’s List messages to your spam folder.  I keep getting questions about this; I need to periodically issue Herb’s message:


Here's the instructions - 

Gmail sometimes filters LL E-mail as spam.  To prevent that, Gmail users can create an inbox rule that essentially "white lists" E-mail from LL. 

To create the rule:
• Click on the Settings Icon in your Gmail window - that's the little gear-shaped icon.  In my Gmail screen it's in the upper right hand corner. Choose Settings from the drop down menu.
• From the settings menu, pick Filters
• From the Filters menu, pick "create a new filter".  
• From the create a new filter dialog, follow the instructions to create a filter for the LL E-mail address and pick “never send to spam".  

I set up two similar filters for larrystaples at mac.com and larryslist-request at mail3.k0jpr.net so I'm sure to get the items posted by Larry as well as the server-generated messages. 

Hope that helps.

Herb Fiddick (NZØF)
hfiddick at gmail.com

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