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Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Thu Jun 9 08:09:12 CDT 2016

The Benefits of Running Real QRO

• It heats your home

• Makes you feel better and reduces stress

• You feel like you just beat Collins, Henry, and Harris at their own game

• Lots of satisfaction

• Your friends are all impressed, especially wide eyed computer geeks

• It's fun to watch plate meter's bouncing up and down

• Ditto with the wattmeter

• You have the only 0-5A plate meter in town

• You have the only 0-1A grid meter in town

• You have the only 10/25KW slug in town

• Your plate transformer will power 8 homes in winter

• Your girlfriend will be duly impressed

• You have more power than the local college FM station

• Your friends with 25 watt push pull tube audio amps are really impressed (especially with a 2x 4-1000 amp, and a window, and tubes cherry red)

• You have more power than 99.99% of the hams on the planet

• Your mother would be proud

• Pundits think you are actually a “broadcast engineer”

• 11M operators are really impressed

• You can dim all the lights on your street

• Who else can say they actually smoked the pole pig in front of their home and plunged the entire street into darkness

• No need for counseling or self medication

• You are more focused and have better concentration especially around 8-10KV

• You can light up several 8' fluorescent tubes in your back yard with no wires attached

• People stay clear of you in aisle 6 of your local grocery store

• You can casually mention stuff at the local hamfest like how you set the trees on fire and blew the end insulators off your dipole

• You can give a real corona demo late at night

• You once melted RG-17 on 10M

• QST will never publish your schematic

Phil Leonard, WV0T
leonarp at seidkr.com

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