[LarrysList] Fusion Ham Radio Tests

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Sat Jun 4 14:33:39 CDT 2016

Bill, Van and Jay have been testing some things.

Currently the Shawnee 442.600 repeater has Wires-X and it has normally been linked to the KC room ID # 21893. We are trying out connecting Wires-X to the Overland park 146.910 Repeater. This links both machines together. It is just in the testing phase so it is off and on. 

So,,, if you talk on 442.600 please note you may also come out of the 146.910 machine. The same goes if you talk on 146.910 you may also come out on 442.600.

This is just a test.... but wanted to let you know. Please note when linking machines via VOIP there is a notable delay. So you might want to press your transmit button a couple seconds before you talk and expect a pause before you hear the other party. Quick back and forth conversations likely will not give the system time to switch back and forth. 


Jerry Dixon, KC0KW
jerrydixonkc at gmail.com

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