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Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Wed Jun 1 12:03:20 CDT 2016

Hi Larry’s List.

Recently, I bought a new American Flag so that I could retire my old flag. I had 2 requirements: 1) It needed to be made in America. 2) It needed to be a real, sewn flag (Red and White strips of fabric sewn together along with the Blue Field with Stars) …not screen printed on to a single piece of white fabric.

I found a very nice flag that meets my requirements on Amazon.




The flag is made by Grace Allen ( http://www.gracealley.com) in the USA. The stripes on the flags a nicely sewn and made of a very strong, weather resistant material. The Stars are embroidered on the Blue field. It is a beautiful flag. I’m very proud to fly it.

The prices are very reasonable. You may want to check it out so that you have nice one to fly at Field Day and also Independence Day (July 4th). They have different sizes

Jay Burgherr – N0FB
jay at burgherr.com

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