[LarrysList] "New" electric meters - THE LAST MESSAGE!

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Sun Jan 31 22:30:47 CST 2016

My utility company installed a smart meter at my residence in Wichita in 2007. I never noticed any problems relating to ham radio. What I did notice was that I had two AC line operated clocks that started gaining a small amount of time each month. I replaced the clocks but the new clocks exhibited the same problem. I took two of the clocks, One of the original and one of the newly purchased to my lake cabin, and to my surprise they kept perfect time there. The difference was that the Lake cabin did not have a "Smart Meter".  I talked to an electric company representative about my problem. He told me that the "Smart Meters" communicate via digital or burst Datastream over the powerline. He said the meters are addressable and report readings when queried. He said that the electric meters do not transmit RF.

This all makes sense now because the electric clocks which use the AC power line as a timebase would increment forward with the extra pulses when pulse data was transmitted. I bought an electric clock that was powered by a Wall Wart DC power supply.  It did not have the problem because it had an internal time bass not dependent upon the AC frequency.  Multiple tests verified what I discovered to be true.

Don Thomas,W0PEA
w0pea at cox.net

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