[LarrysList] "New" electric meter

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Fri Jan 29 08:34:22 CST 2016


I had such a meter installed about two years ago at my QTH and experienced no issues, unless KCP&L was receiving my PSK QSO's and never told me...

The meter was located about 10 feet from my shack and one of the coax antenna lines passed through the wall within 2 feet of the meter.

One more thing... I was in my shack, one the air, far from the doorbell chime, when suddenly the power went off. Being a clear sunny day I thought, what the...? I looked outside and saw a utility truck. I asked the tech what the heck he was doing, being a bit peeved, and he said "I rang the doorbell." They will likely come unannounced so be prepared to lose power without any notice.

Tom Bauer, KE0ABA ~~~~~~ ke0aba at gmail.com

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