[LarrysList] National Radio Club convention, Sept 9-11, 2016, KCM)

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Tue Jan 19 16:03:41 CST 2016

Hi Larry,

I've been an on/off member of NRC since the late 80's. The sole focus of the NRC is the AM broadcast band.

There are also three other groups involved with this gathering... IRCA (International Radio Club of America) - another AM broadcast band group, WTFDA (Worldwide TV/FM DX Association) and Decalcomania, whose members collect radio/tv station memorabilia. Several members are hams, and several spend time on the shortwave bands as well as listen for the aircraft beacons that still exist between DC and 520 kHz, but the main focus of this gathering will be the AM, FM and TV broadcast bands.

In conventions past, speakers have often been associated with local broadcasters in one way or another. But it's not a requirement by any means.

If any other subscribers are into broadcast band DX and want to see what the gathering is all about, feel free to visit the website, and come to the September gathering. It's being held at a hotel near KCI.


Todd Brandenburg, K0KAN

National Radio Club  http://www.nrcdxas.org

International Radio Club of America  http://www.ircaonline.org/index1.html

Worldwide TV/FM DX Association    http://www.wtfda.org/

Larry, W0AIB, sez:  I wonder if the Mid America Antique Radio Club [https://sites.google.com/site/midamericaantiqueradioclub/]
should be notified of this convention?  Seems like a natural to me.


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