[LarrysList] Online Auction -- Lifetime RCA Antique Radios and more

Larry Staples lstaples at kc.rr.com
Thu Jan 14 19:12:02 CST 2016

I just released the catalog for our upcoming Lifetime RCA Antique radio, phonograph and advertising auction starting next week on 1/21 at 7PM. I know some of the hams out there (myself included) are collectors and restorers of antique radios as well as ham gear, so I wanted to send this link out to the group. Registration is open now.
Also, I’m presently taking consignments for another online ham and vintage audio auction that is scheduled for March 24th through April 7th. For that auction, I already have some really sharp ham radio gear including a Collins 51S-1, Kenwood hybrid transceivers, 25+ boatanchors in great condition from a local ham who is downsizing, many vacuum tubes, radio parts and accessories and a vintage guitar collection, including a beautiful 1962 Gibson ES-125 TC.
If anyone has items they’d like for me to include in this auction, I’ll be taking consignments until March 1. Just call or email me.
Thanks again and 73,
David, WD0ERU
David S. Schulman, Auctioneer/Real Estate Broker
5608 N. Oaktree Ln.
Kansas City, MO 64118-5239
MO 816.455.5520 KS 913.568.3767
FAX 816.533.7100
david at dschulmanassociates.com

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