[LarrysList] Ham Radio Idiosyncrasies

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Mon Jan 11 19:56:21 CST 2016

1. Why is the lowest frequency amateur radio band called "Top Band?" Shouldn't it be called "Bottom Band?"

2. Why are there "Q" signals, but no "P" signals or "G" signals or "F" signals?

3. Why is Morse Code called Continuous Wave, when it isn't continuous? CW signals are never "continuous," instead, the dits and dahs start and stop every few milliseconds.

4. Why is a pilot's license issued by the federal government good for life, but an amateur radio operator's license has to be renewed every ten years? Why ten years? Why a renewal at all?

5. Why do some hams want to operate "QRP?" Do they take their cars to the dealership and ask the service manager if they can reduce the engine's horsepower and torque? If it's good to operate with miniscule power, wouldn't it also be good to operate with a miniscule antenna? How about using a resonant loading coil for an antenna withno radiating element attached? Or a dipole laid on the ground? That would certainly make it a challenge! How about going back to crystal-controlled transmitters instead of using VFOs? Why is transmitter output power the only thing they want to curtail or reduce? Is 500 watts into a dipole at 20 feet equivalent to 5 watts into stacked monobanders at 150 feet?

6. Why do they call the top amateur radio operator's license an Amateur Extra Class License, when thousands of Extra class licensees from 1952 (when the Extra class license was implemented) to 2000 to had to pass a 20 word per minute code test to obtain that license, and hams obtaining an Extra class license today are not required to take a Morse code receiving test at all? Is AMATEUR RADIO / FCC, run by idiot nerds?

7. Why do DX stations say for example, "The K5 Xray station again please," then immediately answer a W9 station who called out of turn? Why do DX- PEDITIONS demand the CODE OF CONDUCT, then go for 15 minutes OR MORE.... without ID-ing?

8. If 160 Meters is the “Gentlemen s Band," is 2 Meters the "Moron's Band?"


Tom Smith, WA0OFO  from K0FG


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