[LarrysList] Proposed FSQCALL Missouri Statewide Net

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Sat Jan 9 10:50:40 CST 2016

The Kansas City Metro has formed a VHF FSQCALL mesh type network. Several stations have dual HF-VHF capability. FSQCALL is a pier to pier free software program capable of relaying, leaving short messages, alerts, and files. FSQCALL lists the stations it hears in a heard list, allowing operators to know who is on the net.

We are reaching out to other Missouri ARES groups to ascertain interest in forming a HF FSQCALL statewide network. Fldigi and flmsg NBEMS will be utilized also. This net could be used as a learning tool and sharing information about your organization.

Several stations on the eastern and western side of the state are active on 7100.2 usb days and 3594 usb nights. These are sub band frequencies that allow unattended operation.

NBEMS traffic is passed on a different waterfall on the same frequency or move to another frequency.

Required equipment: HF radio, SignaLink (sound interface device) and computer.

My affiliation is with the Northland ARES Clay and Platte counties. Our goal is to pass Flmsg test/drill traffic and to prepare for a real emergency, while having fun learning.

If you are unfamiliar with FSQCALL, research it on the web.

You can see what we are doing with FSQCALL at:   www.pcarg.org/fsqcall-kc

Jeff Libby      KA0OTL at yahoo.com

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