[LarrysList] HamTestOnline and N0IRS

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Tue Jan 5 21:30:14 CST 2016

This morning Dennis Nealey, KE0DRJ, was extolling the qualities of program for preparing for any one of the three classes of amateur radio licenses.  After reviewing it at:  


I recommend it to any contemplating acquiring any of the license classes.

This evening I overheard a QSO involving Dennis and J.D.Dupuy, N0IRS. Take a look at JD’s QRZ.com entry.  You will quickly see that he has touched about every facet of ham radio available. He is willing to show any willing to spend a bit of time at his “shack” what amateur radio offers.  There is something for everyone.  His email address is on his QRZ entry.


Larry Staples, W0AIB
<larrystaples at mac.com>

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