[LarrysList] Elecraft KX3 - Elmer requested

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Mon Nov 23 19:55:47 CST 2015

Elecraft KX3 Elmer requested:

I've owned an Elecraft KX3 for a while.. and I'd like to put it to more use.

If others out there could send me a note, maybe we could get together and compare notes... or even work some stations sometime.

I'm interested in getting a USB sound card hooked up, and I'm in the process of gathering all the pieces. I'd like to talk about portable operation ideas, and get the radio out and about on boyscout camp outs to get some exposure to the hobby.

I've also made terribly few voice and CW HF contacts over a rather long ham radio career... and I'd like to get that fixed too. Perhaps if I talk with folks who use the rig, I'll pick up a few key tips that will get me down the road.

If you have and enjoy the Elecraft KX3, please say hihi!

Ken Samson, KA0PIZ - ka0piz at gmail.com

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