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Dear Subscribers,

During the HAM 101 presentation on Wednesday evening, November the 18th, Herb Fiddick, NZ0F, said something about the remarkable cohesiveness of the amateur radio community in the Kansas City area.  We have a bunch of clubs; they all seem to get along; they cooperate with each other on area wide events, such as the WW1USA special event at the World War One Museum at Liberty Memorial, as well as the large number of public service events.

At this same time Chet Hallberg, K0TCB, President of the Paul Revere Amateur Radio Club, found amongst his files a poem written by the late Bill Brashier, WD0ALE, “Ode to ‘Paul Revere” the 2nd” (otherwise know as Beryl Masters, WB0EJJ).

When these two incidences are put together it seems clear that Beryl, WB0EJJ, should be recognized as one of the principal reasons that Kansas City ham cohesiveness exists today.  Beryl was widely known due to his interesting personality, sense of humor and incredible presence on the most popular two meter repeater of his day, Mid-America FM Association’s 146.94 (no tone) repeater. The Paul Revere net (Midnight each Saturday night) was Beryl’s net; he was the net control, his fabulous memory for names and call signs was demonstrated each time.  He started each net with a recording of galloping horse hooves followed by horse neighs. 

Note on the night for which the poem was written the check-ins numbered 343!

Here follows Bill Brashier’s poem, “Ode to ‘Paul Revere” the 2nd”

Ode to “Paul Revere” the 2nd
(Otherwise known as - Beryl Masters - WB0EJJ)

Each Saturday Night - all Hams of good cheer
Check into a net - called “Paul Revere”
At the stroke of Midnight - Beryl - “EJJ”
Sends sounds of horses hooves and then the horse neigh!

’Tis from Kansas City - not the old North Church
His signal comes on - from his “Waldo” perch
Beryl is a master - of Ham Radio fame
And a record of check-ins - tonight is his aim!!

“HEAR YE!” - “HEAR YE!” - You’ll hear Beryl say
That “Towncrier Voice” - from WB0EJJ
Then tens over a hundred - will soon check in
And - Beryl knows them all - asking, “Where they’ve been”?

All Hams know Beryl - from far and wide
He’s “saddled and spurred” - and ready to “ride”
’Twas “One if by land - Two if by sea”
So - this cliche in rhyme - to him from me.

Manny - ZED X H - Ill give him his due
Asked me to write this poem for you
To share with others - “Tis a pleasure it be.


The total Check-ins - three hundred and forty three
Through Weird QRM’ers - showed how it could be
Though in Revolutionary days - they just took it in stride
Tonight Beryl took “Paul Revere” - on their famous night ride

Bill Brashiers, WD0ALE, July 4, 1993

(Manny Blando, W0ZXH, was a close friend and ”stimulator” to Beryl.)


The Paul Revere Net still operates at midnight every Saturday night on 146.94 (88.5 tone) repeater.


Larry Staples, W0AIB

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