[LarrysList] Beginning of a radio sale

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Tue Nov 10 10:29:48 CST 2015


As I prepare for my relocation to North Carolina, I have noticed in the last year or so with all the traveling I have done I have gotten quite "radio heavy". I have decided to alleviate some of the weight.

The first ones on the block are a set of Alinco HT's the DJ-G7 and the DJ-G29. These two ht’s cover from 2mtrs to 1.2 G.

The DJ-G7 is a 2M, 440, 1.2 HT

The DJ-G29 covers 220 and 927 Mhz.

These are COMPLETE (boxes, manuals, just as when purchased), and are about a year old. The G7 has low air time. They will be programmed for the KC area- ready to go.

I would LIKE to sell these as a pair, but for the right offer will separate. 
I am asking $450 for the package. BUT as always will entertain any VALID offers (in other words no low balling and no trades).

I can be reached at 913-980-7225
or ckraly at gmail.com

Chuck, K0XM

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