[LarrysList] Another twisted tale

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Sun Nov 8 11:52:45 CST 2015

Good Morning, Larry ----- 

The nattering nabobs are correct ---- old farts should not climb towers. Not a single new ham has ever volunteered to climb and to the contrary, I have climbed a tower for them. So at 7 decades and more I’m still up in the air over ham radio, but this was not a banner day. I dropped my Tail-twister TX-2 from 70 feet high onto a concrete block. The Tail-twister came out much better than the shattered block and has no damage. Kudos to engineers who designed those bell-shaped rotators that have been around for 60 years!

73 de, 

Ken Shubert, KØKS    <k0ks at k0ks.com>

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