[LarrysList] Operating abroad under CEPT

Larry Staples larrystaples at mac.com
Thu Nov 5 10:45:29 CST 2015

Jake Surdal, asked about this in an earlier Larry’s List message.  Wassim’s answer may be of interest to others.  It follows:


Hi Jake,

First, thank you very much for explaining the acronym you used. It does make the thread easier to understand

Now are you planning on traveling with your radio, or is this a mere inquiry?

Let me assume that you are planning a trip, and here are the things you need to think of:

1) The country must have a reciprocal agreement with the US to allow radio usage. You can check this status at the ARRL page that deal with international operations at 


2) Make sure you have the right documentation with you. This should include your US license and privilege level, a band plan won't hurt to have. The invoices to show that you own the equipment and for when returning to prove to customs that you bought the equipment in the US and paid the appropriate taxes. If you have insurance on your equipment make sure you have the policy copy.

3) I would suggest contacting the embassies or consulate stations of the country(ies) you are visiting and start the process of obtaining reciprocal licensing BEFORE you travel. Advantage: A) Working with someone who understands our ways is a huge one. B) You probably will be ready to go as you arrive. C) Pay the application fee(s) in US Dollar is always desirable. At least contact these to inquire about the process so that you will know what to expect.

I hope I gave you somethings to think about, DO NOT FORGET TO visit with local clubs and make friends.

Happy Travels, and God's Speed


Wassim Nassif, WN6WJN   -   wn6wjn at gmail.com

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